Trigger finger is an orthopedic condition in which a finger gets stuck in a bent position before “popping” straight again. This condition can occur when the tendon sheath of a finger becomes inflamed and is more common in individuals whose work or hobbies include repetitive gripping motions. If you believe you have trigger finger or are experiencing finger pain or stiffness of any kind, you can turn to North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic in Durham for the dedicated treatment you deserve. We offer a range of treatment options, including conservative options and trigger finger surgery.

Symptoms of Trigger Finger

In addition to your finger getting stuck in a bent position or suddenly popping straight, you may experience:

  • A bump in your hand at the base of the finger
  • Tenderness at the base of the finger
  • Stiffness in the affected finger, especially in the mornings
  • A popping or clicking sensation when you bend the finger

Treating Trigger Finger

At North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic, we’ll first confirm that trigger finger is the cause of your symptoms. The treatment we may recommend for you will depend on the severity of your symptoms, among other factors. For mild cases, you may be able to alleviate your symptoms using a splint, anti-inflammatory medications, or a steroid injection. However, more severe cases may require trigger finger surgery. We offer minimally invasive procedures that can help break apart the inflamed tissue to reduce the constriction on the tendon.

If you would like to learn more about trigger finger surgery and find out if this is the right treatment option for you, contact North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic to schedule an appointment at our office in Durham. One of our hand surgery specialists will be happy to discuss your options in more detail.