Spine Surgery Helps Patients in Chapel Hill, NC, Find Relief from Back Pain

Spine Surgery Chapel Hill NC

Spine surgery is a necessary treatment option for many individuals with chronic neck or back pain. If you live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, or a nearby area and would like to find out if spinal surgery is the right treatment for you, turn to the spinal specialists at North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic. Our team of orthopedic surgeons includes specialists in many different areas of the body, including the spine, to provide you with the dedicated treatment and care you need.

The spine is a complex structure that endures a lot of wear and tear as we age. Therefore, there are many conditions that can affect the spine and eventually require surgery, including:

  • Herniated discs
  • Scoliosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Bulging discs
  • Spinal arthritis
  • Cervical stenosis

At North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic, located near Chapel Hill, NC, our spine specialists treat all of these conditions. Additionally, we offer a wide range of conservative and surgical treatments to help our patients find relief from their symptoms. When spine surgery is the best option, North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic offers many different procedures to best suit the needs of each patient. Our orthopedic surgeons have a high level of experience in performing spinal procedures, and many of our physicians have been recognized on the Best Doctors in America® List from Best Doctors, Inc.

If you’d like to learn more about receiving spine surgery at North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our spine specialists. Patients from Chapel Hill, NC, and all other nearby communities are welcome at our clinic.