If you live in the Durham area and are dealing with shoulder pain that is affecting your ability to sleep and accomplish basic tasks like brushing your hair, you may be experiencing the symptoms of a rotator cuff injury. This is one of the fairly common conditions that the sports medicine specialists at North Carolina Orthopaedic Center provide comprehensive treatment for. We offer minimally invasive rotator cuff surgery that can provide relief for people who have been dealing with years of chronic shoulder pain.

Understanding Rotator Cuff Injuries

The rotator cuff is comprised of a group of tendons and muscles that help keep the head of the upper arm bone in place in the shoulder socket. While many rotator cuff injuries are the result of repetitive motions like those that baseball pitchers perform, they can also occur from a single traumatic injury, such as a shoulder dislocation. If a tear occurs, rotator cuff surgery might be needed to deal with the associated pain and avoid permanent weakness or loss of range of motion.

Treatment at North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic

At North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic, we offer specialized care and personalized service to ensure that our patients find the relief they need. We take the time to ensure that our patients are aware of all of the treatment options available to them, including nonsurgical regimens. However, if it is determined that rotator cuff surgery is the best course of action, our shoulder specialists offer a level of expertise that is second to none.

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