A rotator cuff injury can greatly impact your day-to-day lifestyle, creating debilitating pain that can make even a basic activity such as sleeping a chore. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the shoulder joint and hold the head of the arm bone in the socket, and injuries can occur to individuals who perform repeated overhead motions, either during a job or while playing a sport. Different types of rotator cuff injuries can include inflammation that causes nerve impingement, tendonitis, or a muscle tear, which could require surgery.

Treatment for Patients in the Chapel Hill, NC, Area

If you have suffered a rotator cuff injury and would like to explore your treatment options, visit North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic. Our fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians are committed to providing specialized care and personalized service and will take the time to properly evaluate your symptoms before making a treatment recommendation. We always take a patient-centered approach to treatment, which means we will always try conservative options first if we feel they may be effective. If surgery is determined to be your best course of action, our minimally-invasive approach can provide real relief for those who have been experiencing long-term chronic shoulder pain.

If you live in the Chapel Hill, NC, area and you would like to schedule a consultation with our rotator cuff injury specialists, contact North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic today.