Elbow Arthroscopic Surgery

Elbow Arthroscopy Offers Great Results, Minimal Hospital Time

For many patients suffering from certain types of elbow pain such as tennis elbow, bone spurs and arthritis-related joint debris, a minimally invasive elbow surgery such as elbow arthroscopy is the ideal course of treatment.

Elbow arthroscopic surgery entails the use of a tiny camera inserted through a small incision into the elbow joint to survey the cause of elbow pain, stiffness and loss of motion in the joint and, if necessary, guide the surgical tools needed to correct the problem.

This minimally invasive elbow surgery addresses many common diagnoses including:

  • Adhesions that block motion, as may arise from injuries such as a fracture
  • Contractures that affect the muscles and tendons, limiting range of motion and joint mobility
  • Fragments of bone or cartilage that break loose and cause pain, catching and locking of the joint
  • Decreased cartilage as a result of injury, overuse or arthritis

Elbow arthroscopic surgery, unlike arthroscopic surgery in other joints, requires great skill in execution because of the small space involved and close proximity of nerves in relation to the joint itself.

Dr. Christopher Klifto has performed elbow arthroscopy with great results on patients ranging from elite athletes to weekend warriors and everyone in between. They seek first to understand each patient’s condition and his or her level of pain before beginning a thorough evaluation and treatment recommendation. Our minimally-invasive approach offers a real solution for those seeking relief and repair from months or even years of chronic elbow pain.

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