If you’ve broken a bone, you can get the treatment you need at North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic. Since our founding in 2003, we’ve been providing patients in Durham, North Carolina, with second-to-none orthopedic care. All of the physicians at our practice completed fellowship training and specialize in a certain area of the body, so you’ll receive the specialized care you deserve.

Broken Bones vs. Sprains

When you injured yourself, did you have a hard time telling whether it was a fracture or a sprain? If so, you’re not alone. Broken bones and sprains can produce the same symptoms—pain, bruising, and swelling—so in many instances it can be difficult to tell them apart. But despite feeling very similar, the two injuries require vastly different treatments. While a sprain can often be treated with conservative methods, a fracture will likely require a cast at minimum, and possibly even surgery. That’s why it’s so important to visit an orthopedist for treatment—he or she will be able to accurately diagnose your injury and recommend a course of treatment that’s specially tailored to your needs.

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If you need treatment for a broken bone, come to North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic in Durham, NC. You’ll find us near the intersection of I-40 and Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, and we’re pleased to offer free parking directly outside of our building. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need directions to our office.